What are the kids saying?

"Broccoli is my favorite vegetable!"
a New York City preschooler in the CookShop Program

"The drink companies really don't care about us, do they?"
a New York City 9th grader after learning about the impact of sugar on the body

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What are parents saying?

"After indulging in all things 'holiday,' I am suddenly reminded of your training, Becky! Today I actually bought kale, a direct result of what I learned from you! Besides learning that there are more green vegetables than spinach, I now know that my own happiness depends upon both psychological and physical balance. I also know that I really need to stop and give myself time to relax and enjoy all that I am working for. These are some of the major things that I learned while working with you.

"The books and information you provided offered a friendly, non-intimidating approach to learning about foods, especially about those I was not yet familiar, such as kale and quinoa-which I learned to pronounce! Your surprise gifts after each session also supported the changes I was making along the way.

"I highly recommend your health counseling services to anyone who is interested in broadening their horizons about the eclectic and healthier choices in foods that are out there. It is also exciting to share this knowledge about different foods with my friends and family. I am proud each time that my 5-year-old daughter eats a well-balanced variety of foods with me and sees me drinking more water and taking time to exercise with her-like when we did our Yoga for Kids DVD the other day!

"Even though the holidays came and went with their indulgences, I am able to get back on track and treat my body extra well again. I never imagined that I would be so invested in acting in the best interest of my health. I now know that it's never too late to start taking care of myself. You are an excellent and insightful listener. Your enthusiasm for bettering mine and my daughter's health and well-being is contagious.

"Thank you, Becky for everything that you helped me discover!"
Michelle Monti
Holistic health counseling client
Mansfield, MA

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What are workshop participants saying?

Preschool Teachers from the YWCA in Greenwich attest:

"Becky is excellent. She answered all of our questions and kept everyone interested. I realized that the techniques could work with both children and adults. I didn't expect to learn ways to diffuse problems in the classroom. I plan to use Brain Gym to calm students down when they are overexcited."

"I didn't expect to feel so relaxed after doing these simple exercises. I plan to use them during transitions and with an angry child during circle time. I really enjoyed your informative training, Becky. I only wish we had more time."

"Becky is great. She gave us great tools and helped us find which exercises would be appropriate for our students. I plan to use Brain Gym to calm my students, help them concentrate and focus their energy."

"I realized how extremely effective these exercises are in the right situations. I saw how effective they were for me in performing the numbers activity after doing Brain Gym. Becky is good at explaining how these exercises would be effective in the classroom. I plan to observe my children and decide which exercises might benefit each child."

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