What is tutoring with the body in mind?

Bright Moves Philosophy

Many children can have a hard time keeping still, paying attention to us, or showing an interest in our teaching. What are their squirming bodies or reluctance trying to tell us? Are they ready to learn?

Bright Moves assumes that all children have a desire to learn. The increased incidence of dyslexia, ADHD, autism, sensory integration issues and other learning disabilities can make learning difficult. This becomes the challenge for the teacher or parent to accommodate the diverse learning needs with a new model of teaching.

Bright Moves' holistic approach captures children's curiosity and passion, engages them with movement, and encourages them to eat healthy food. Then their brains and bodies are in the optimal state for learning and performance.

This is tutoring with the body in mind.

Benefits of Bright Moves holistic approach:

  • Children have freedom to learn at a pace and in a way that honors their learning style.
  • Children understand themselves and their needs to learn and succeed.
  • Children feel at ease learning at their highest potential. Children's frustration is diminished and their joy of learning is enhanced.

The Bright Moves approach is a reflection of Becky Holt's warmth and spirited relationship with her clients.

What are other teachers saying about her approach?